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Gelonade THCA Flower Pounds - Exotic


Gelonade THCA Flower Pounds - Exotic

Gelonade Bulk High THCA Flower Exotic

Gelonade is a refreshingly flavorful hybrid strain that delivers blissful effects. With genetics stemming from a cross of fruity Lemon Tree and delicious Gelato #41, this strain offers up sweet and zesty lemon-lime flavors akin to lemonade candy. More than just mouthwatering taste, the high from Gelonade is even more impressive - providing a focused and clear-headed euphoria that enhances creativity and sociability. An uplifting daytime strain, Gelonade sparks motivation and happiness, allowing you to take on the day's challenges with positivity and delight. With its luscious citrus aroma and elevating cerebral effects, Gelonade is a lemonade stand you'll want to stop by.


Gelonade THCA Flower Exotic

Some key details about the Gelonade cannabis strain:

  • Genetics: A hybrid strain that's a cross between Lemon Tree and Gelato #41
  • Flavors/Aromas: Sweet and citrusy, often described as having a lemon-lime candy flavor profile
  • Effects: An uplifting and happy high that provides a sense of focused creativity and clear-headed euphoria. May help relieve stress or anxiety.
  • THCA Content: Testing has shown Gelonade to have very high THCA levels typically in the 23-26% range. This makes it a rather potent strain.
  • Popular Uses: Gelonade is most popular as a daytime strain for improving mood and providing mental stimulation. The uplifted effects also make it good for social situations or creative projects. Some may use it for relief from mild pains or nausea as well.
  • Growing: Best grown indoors where conditions can be closely monitored. Growers say Gelonade can produce large yields of crystal covered nuggets when cared for properly. Has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

So in summary, Gelonade is a THCA-rich, lemon-flavored hybrid that provides an energetic and happy high that lends itself well to daytime activities or social gatherings. Its potent, citrusy flavors and uplifting effects make it a popular choice among many cannabis enthusiasts.

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